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We are Jonathan David Studios the San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers. Jon and the better half Jessica. I (Jon) do most the shooting and Jessica well, she keeps the train on the rails. We have been married for 10 years and it has been freaking awesome. Even during the hard times, we couldn't do life without each other. We have been photographing weddings for 8 of those years and have learned a bunch about photos, people, weddings, ourselves, how to make mini moments with our couples who are nervous or awkward or both, and mostly that we mega love what we do. We hope it shows in our images. We hope that the love between our couples shines through because that's what we aim for. Photos are fun and people are great. My dad jokes, on the other hand, could use some work. But yeah back to why you might want to have us photograph you at your wedding, or on a white sandy beach, or chilling with your family... Because we are super fun and super great at taking pictures of people and making them look and feel amazing doing it. (at least our moms think so)

So if you are getting that feeling like "hey, I want to take our relationship to the next level" then call us, or text, or DM, or fill out a contact form so we can help you find that perfect photographer... Us. LOL