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Your epic story told through powerful images.

Let me take the tender moments right alongside your epic dance moves and weave together a story. A story that takes you back to each distinct emotion you felt on your wedding day. Remember the excited nerves of your first look, your grandmother’s wedding ring catching the light, and your dad’s embarrassing speech. As I work to tell your story through images, my goal is to reflect more than just a special day but your day filled with life long memories.

My job as a wedding photographer is to be a storyteller and to tell your story as loud as possible. Love is multifaceted and grows with such variety. Young love, new love, loud love, love that’s deep and quiet. It’s all inspiring. Connecting with my clients personally by listening to their shared experiences allows me to make them more comfortable so they can be themselves. It’s so fun knowing where my clients met, their passions, and what they love most about each other. I would be thrilled with the opportunity to capture your big day. If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Arizona, contact me anytime.

"Connecting with my clients personally by listening to their shared experiences allows me to make them more comfortable so they can be themselves."

As a local Arizona wedding photographer my approach is bold yet down-to-earth. I want my images to be bright, fun, and a little loud! You’ll see a somewhat nontraditional, yet timeless look as you work your way through my work. The timeless part comes from my love for real, raw, and candid moments that never go out of style. The nontraditional feel comes in with my editorial approach to weddings photography. As I edit, I embrace a more organic style versus applying the same edit to every photo. I respond to how a photo feels and let the content of each image direct the way I edit. Big moments to the tiniest details and everything in between are what I look to deliver to my clients though my photography.  My goal in the editing process is to cull the best moments first. Then, I tend to the minor tone, sharpening, color saturation edits secondarily. Wedding trends may change, but your photos will never go out of style. You may love an urban feel like Phoenix or the rolling landscape of desert brush and the glorious Superstition Mountains. Either way, I’ll have a freaking great time creating photos. Even more, I’ll make you look good doing it.

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Finding the right photographer

Having a positive relationship with the photographer for your wedding or elopement is key. The better we vibe, the more natural and amazing your photos will be. You might be wondering if I’m the right Arizona wedding photographer for you. I would encourage you to take a look around my site. Notice my style of photos, editing, and my favorite wedding images I had the pleasure to take. As you get to know me through my work, see what elements resonate with you. Is it a certain shot? Specific lighting captured? I’m always pushing myself to get those incredible captures that wow my clients. Feel free to reach out to connect with me more. I’d love to hear more about you and what you have planned.

Arizona PhotographerTestimonials

Jerad & Brielle

La lomita ranch, san luis obispo ca.

“He was funny, kept the mood light and fun, and yet was extremely efficient getting enough photos is and incredibly creative with what we both wanted. He also had our wedding photos done in one week!”.

Alex & Jeff

arroyo grande, Usa

"I would highly recommend Jonathan! He is an excellent photographer with a great personality! Working with Jonathan and his assistant Chris was easy and comfortable, and they helped the day go by very smoothly.  We are so happy we chose Jonathan as our photographer to capture the most important day of our lives. Our pictures turned out amazing and he was able to capture so many wonderful memories."

Lauren & Matt

san luis obispo, Usa

If you're reading this review, you are already winning because you found Jon Miller. You will not regret hiring him as your photographer. He is a kind, genuine guy who knows just when to be goofy enough to take out the awkwardness of having your photo taken. Don't tell him I said this, but he's actually pretty funny! :) He has an amazing way at capturing moments that you would have otherwise forgotten all about. He also has a great eye for design and can see things in a way we would have never thought to do. I can't imagine hiring anyone else for our wedding. Thank you Jon!"

Over the years my work has progressed and grown with experience. The one constant has been my love and desire to connect with people to tell powerful stories through images. As a wedding photographer in the Arizona area I'm always blown away by the stories I find. I have always been passionate about learning and growing within the medium of photography. On one hand, capturing an image is instantaneous. On the other hand, if done well, an image can last a lifetime and never go out of style. My 12 years of marriage and my two, amazing kids have shaped my approach to photography over time. I can confidently say only for the better.

My family has taught me not to overlook the small details or the seemingly mundane. Those everyday moments seem so fleeting and yet they’re not. They fill in the gaps to create lifelong memories, adding richness to life. I take this perspective into every shoot. I keep my eye out for everything. Both the sentimental big moments and the intricate traits found in loving relationships. I capture the small things that make each celebration unique and beautiful. You’d be surprised which photos end up being my clients' favorite picks. I love being surprised by the beauty found in what would otherwise be overlooked.

An Eye For

The Meaningful

Why I am a Photographer

Photography is a medium that allows for intimate human connections. Connecting through my lens with sacred, intimate moments truly is my passion. I believe that great portraits don’t just show who a person is on the outside but who they are on the inside. This requires a level of comfort and trust with my clients. I am passionate about letting those authentic connections produce true art and tell your beautiful story through powerful images. I want the photographs I deliver to enrich your life and make you feel the very moment it was taken. My work will evoke the joy, passion, and emotions of your wedding day every time you look at them.

I have always loved the medium of photography. On the surface it only takes one click to create something special but its knowing where to point the camera that makes all the difference. It’s about the instinct of knowing when a moment will happen and capturing it. I love the chance to find the magic in the ever changing and moving day that is a wedding but mostly I love that photography can tell beautiful and powerful stories in images. The mobility and speed needed to change subjects are exciting too. Wedding photography is a great responsibility and with it a constant shifting of gears throughout a wedding day. Beyond all the technical, I love getting to tell stories with my camera. I have the best times shooting weddings because I love connecting with people in a real way.

"On the surface it only takes one click to create something special but its knowing where to point the camera that makes all the difference."

what does edited photos mean?

Photo editing explained

We all know that photographers swing their fancy cameras around snapping brilliant photos throughout the wedding day, but what happens when they go home? We’ve also heard rumors of the hours it takes to sort and edit photos. But what does photo editing mean? As a wedding photographer soaking up the Arizona sun, let me break it down for you.

My job is to take, organize, edit, and deliver amazing photos to each of my clients. That starts with capturing as many moments through my lens as I can. For an average wedding, that can be up to 7000 images. After your big day, I get to work. I look through every image taken and cull out only the best images.

Once those photos are chosen I focus my editing on finding dynamic color and tone edits. I work to stay true to life, yet capture the feeling of the moment. I then like to add a bit of sharpness and punch to my images. This complements the larger-than-life moments that we have created together. As I edit I try to remind myself how the moment felt. I love to let the experience caught through my lens inform and inspire how I edit. Check out this before and after to get a better feel for what an impact edits can have on a final photo.

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