August 21, 2018

Croad Vineyard Wedding

Croad Vineyard Wedding

We love a good Gorgeous Croad Vineyard Wedding.  We have shot here a few times and it’s awesome. The transition from ceremony to reception is effortless for you and your guests. The venue layout was thought out perfectly.  Croad has its inn for getting ready and the ceremony site is just out from the inn.  The view from the site is filled with beautiful Paso Robles rolling hills.  

The reception area is just down the stairs from the inn. And is such an elegant spot that is also intimate and cozy.  There is a beautiful fountain in the center of the courtyard. As well as a super pretty arbor that the bride and groom sit under at the head table.

Photographing a Croad Vineyard wedding still has plenty of oak trees and shade for mid-day portraits before the ceremony as well as providing a romantic Paso oak tree feel for sunset portraits.  To check out another upscale wedding click here. P.S. Sarah Angelique is a rad wedding coordinator

Paso Robles Wedding

Croad Winery

This wedding one the first time we shot a wedding at Croad Winery and the beauty of winery was shocking. The drive up the backside of the property wasn’t looking very promising but when we got out of the car for our initial walk around to get a feeling we got super excited for the rest of the day. The views from the inn or ceremony sight are quintessential Paso Robles wine country with amazing rolling hill filled with oak trees and wineries.

As the day went on we got to take the Spanish inspired decor and even some wild metal sculptures. There are a few water fountains that add some nice ambient sounds while walking around the space. The reception area is one of our favorites today. The tiled outdoor space just outside the tasting room is elegant and grande feeling without losing a cozy and closeness for family and friends. The warm summer night kept it comfortable as the sun went down.


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