Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot?

A: No, only the best images are delivered to you. I get rid of test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may distract  from the overall quality of the end product. Hours are spent curating the best of the best images for you. For example, because I shoot with low apertures, sometimes I take a few extra shots to make sure I have the perfect focus. Candid laughs, emotional tears, and party dancing are some great images from the day, unfortunately they can also yield some unflattering facial expressions. I might snap a few extras of any of these moments to make sure we have an awesome shot with the ideal expressions for those moments.

Q: Does your studio provide videography services?

A: No, but I have friends who do. Email me and I can send you a few names.

Q: Do you do destination weddings? What additional fees are associated with destination weddings?

A: While Jonathan David Studios is based out of San Luis Obispo Ca., I am willing to serve clients all around the world. My destination wedding photography packages include the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations.

Q: Do you provide partial day coverage?

A: I typically do not provide partial day coverage on weekends. I reserve weekends for clients that require at least 8 hours of coverage or have a budget of $3,000.00 and above.

Q: Does your studio do headshots, individual portraits, family portraits, newborn shoots, commercial photography, or other types of photography?

A: Yes, I have experience in many fields of photography. Feel free to contact me.


Q: What is your photography style?

A: I am always drawn to create images that are bold, intentional, and dynamic pieces of art.  I am always looking to mix in something unique wether that is creative lighting, an alternative perspective, or just being inspired in the moment.  I also understand the value and importance in capturing documentary style images plus those images that have a simplistic beauty.  To see examples of my quality and style, please visit my Portfolio as well as our Blog.

Q: Can I see a full wedding from start to finish?

A: Yes of course you can! I pride myselve on the consistency of my work. I understand all photographers post their best shots from each wedding on their websites so it’s hard to determine how well he or she will perform on the wedding day.


Q: How do I get my wedding published on other wedding blogs or magazines?

A: Email me, I would love to help guide you through the process.


Q: Do you touch up all the images in our image download?

A: Yes I do. Every image I deliver is edited to a style consistent with what you see in the image on my Blog and Portfolio. This involves color correction, sharpening, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, linear curve adjustments, and other corrections.

Q: Do you shoot in JPEG, Small Raw, or Large Raw?

A: I shoot all images in Large Raw. Its a largest file size and also gives me the best file to apply edits to.


Q: How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?

A: With the specific details and needs of you wedding day the exact amount of time will vary, but generally 1-1.5 hours after the ceremony will give me enough time to shoot family, wedding party, and bride and groom portraits.

Q: What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

A: I understand that not everything goes as planned during a wedding. I never pack up before the contracted time; and I'm not leaving on the dot when the time is up. Instead, I will ask you at the end of your contracted time whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like me to stay, you will be charged an additional $150 an hour rounded to the nearest 30 min increment.

Q: Why do you need to charge for additional coverage?

A: I’ve dedicated the entire day to your wedding, so I won’t be booking any other events that evening. However, we need to charge for additional coverage primarily because there are costs of having the team stay for additional hours. Second shooters require additional compensation. Also, the additional photos taken will need to be post produced which adds to the overall costs involved it make the best wedding photos possible.


Q: Why do you recommend and engagements session

A: Please see the Info section on my site.

Q: When can we expect to see our photos from our engagement session?

A: Post production for engagement sessions are completed within around 4 weeks after the date of the shoot. If you require the images to be completed prior to 4 weeks after the date of the shoot, a rush-process fee of $150 will be charged.

Q: When should we do our engagement session?

A: I encourage you to do your engagement session as soon as possible. The latest I suggest is at least eight weeks prior to the wedding date. That will give me the time needed to edit as well as give you time if you would like to use those images for invites or save the date cards.

Q: Can we schedule our engagement session for the weekend?

Because most weddings are on weekends, I typically do not shoot engagement sessions on weekends. If you can only do your engagement session on a weekend, I can tentatively schedule your engagement shoot on a weekend, however, if a wedding is scheduled for that weekend later on, I will have to reschedule your engagement session.

Q: How many images do you typically deliver from and engagement session? From a wedding?

I typically deliver anywhere from 75-100 images per 2-hour engagement shoot and for weddings I typically deliver 500-60 images per hour. Keep in mind these numbers may increase or decrease depending on the flow of the day and the number of events/activities needing to be captured.

Q: When and where can we view our engagement pictures?

Your engagement session images will be completed no more than 4 weeks after the date of the shoot. If you require the images to be completed prior to 4 weeks after the date of your shoot, a rush-edit fee of $100.00 will be charged.


Q: How long does it take to get my album?

Product creation times vary, however, print orders will generally be completed within 4 weeks after the product order is submitted.

Similar to the post production process, if you require rush-processing, a fee of $100.00 will be charged. Additional fees for rush shipping may also apply.

Q: How long does it take to get my album?

As with our other products, production times vary. However, you can typically expect to receive your album 4-6 weeks after placing the order. The process before placing the order varies in duration depending on how quickly you respond to the instructions for the album design as well as the amount of changes you request after the initial designs. Some brides complete this within a month or two; others take over a year.

Similar to the post production process, if you require rush-processing, a fee of $100.00 will be charged. Additional fees for rush shipping may also apply.

Q: How long does it take to get my sign-in book?

The sign-in book takes around 4-6 weeks to print after the order is submitted. As with the album, the time it takes to get the order ready for print depends on how quickly you respond to our instructions and how many changes you request.

Similar to the post production process, if you require rush-processing, a fee of $100.00 will be charged. Additional fees for rush shipping may also apply.

Q: How many  images do we get in our wedding day album?

A: You get to pick 50 of you favorite image for the wedding day album.

Q: Can I add more pages and images to my album?

A: Each additional page can be added for additional cost and includes the design time/revisions.


Q: What size can we print our photos up to with our full resolution image download?

A: In most cases, you can print your photos up to 16×20 without any quality loss. If you’d like to print larger than 16×20 I will gladly send you larger file sizes for a fee of $5 an images.

Q: What rights do I have to the digital prints?

A: You have the right to reprint images whenever you want. However you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of Jonathan David Studios.

Q: Do you provide the RAW files from my engagement session and/or wedding day?

A: Each of our packages comes with a full resolution image download. However, I do not provide RAW (unprocessed) files from our shoots. I shoot with specific edits in mind and also spend hours curating the best of the best images for you.

Q: How many images do you deliver on the image download?

A: For a 2 hour engagement session I typically deliver 50-100 images and for a wedding I typically deliver 500-600 images. Keep in mind these numbers may increase or decrease depending on the flow of the day and the number of events/activities needing to be captured.

Q: Do you provide the digital negatives after the shoot?

A: Yes I do. All of our packages come with Full Resolution image download.

Q: What if I lose my images?

A: There is a $50 replacement charge for additional downloads after the event has been archived. I strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the download when you receive it from us.


Q: What type of camera/equipment do you use?

A: I shoot almost all canon products.  If you would like to know more about what Im shooting on and with or just have another gear questions feel free to email me.


Q: Do you backup our images?

A: I have yet to loose an images from a wedding or engagement shoot and I aim to keep it that way.  All RAW files are double back on two separate external hard drives.  The jpegs get backed up online as well.

Q: Do you have liability insurance?

A: Yes. Many venues require the photographer to have Liability Insurance.


Q: We live out-of-town. Is it possible for our family/friends to meet with you instead?

I’d love to meet your relatives, answer their questions and review our work with them. If possible, I’d like to at least FaceTime with you to get to know you better.

Q: We’re very busy and won’t be able to meet. Are there any other options?

A:Ie would love to meet with you prior to our engagement shoot or wedding; however, if you’re too busy or too far away, I can handle everything remotely. Phone and or FaceTime are both great ways to get a sense of me as a person and also have specific questions answered.

Q: How do I set up an appointment to meet you in person and see some of your work?

A: Contact me via email or phone.  I would love to set up a date and time with you.

montana de oro engagement photos


Q: How do I reserve you for my date?

A: All dates are reserved once we receive your signed contract and deposit.

Q: What if we exceed our contracted time for our engagement shoot and/or wedding day coverage?

A: Standard rates apply for overtime. Overtime is billed at the rate of $250/hour per myself $75/hour per Associate Photographer.

Q: If we cancel the wedding, will we receive our deposit back?

A: Unfortunately no. Deposits are used to reserve your date. Once I’ve reserved your date, I do not accept new clients for your date.

Q: If we change our wedding to a different date, will we be able to use our deposit towards a future date?

A: Generally no, but this is taken on a case by case basis. The reason for canceling and my availability is taken into account. Also, if rates change from your original date to your new date, the new rates will apply.

Q: Are there travel fees associated with the engagement session and/or wedding day shoot(s)?

A: All travel expenses are based on the distance between your event location(s). The following destinations are subject to the following travel fees:

– San Francisco, CA – $500.00 flat fee

– Santa Barbara, CA – $100.00 flat fee

– San Diego, CA – $500.00 flat fee

– Los Angeles, CA – $250.00 flat fee for shoots under 6 hours

– All other destinations beyond 100 miles round-trip will be negotiated and handled on a case-by-case basis.

Q: If I pay for my package in cash will we be able to avoid paying sales tax or receive a discount?

A: Unfortunately, collecting in cash does not exempt a photography studio from paying California sales tax on the amount of the package price when a physical product is delivered, whether that product be an album or any other physical product. However, I do offer tax-free services and packages that fall within California State Law if you would like a service only packages.

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