May 22, 2014

San Luis Obispo Barn Wedding mark and chelsey huasna california

Talk about a love story! Mark and Chelsey lived oceans apart. Mark in the UK and Chelsey in the central coast of California. Chelsey was doing some traveling and ended up in New Zealand. She started to run low on money, so she applied for part time work with a restaurant.  This restaurant just so happened to be receiving an application from Mark too.  The restaurant was only looking to hire one more person but could not choose between their two favorite candidates… Mark and Chelsey!!! Then fate stepped in and the restaurant decided to hire both of them because they could not decide between the two.  They were inseparable from that day on.

Chelsey and Mark chose to get married in California with only a one week window that Mark could make it in from the UK before he was off again. Only the perfect location would do to host the celebration of these two getting married, and that was a Barn in Huasna, California.  Chelsey, with her incredible and unique style, added some breathtaking details and the rest is history.  

Mark & Chelsey Wedding-949

Mark & Chelsey Wedding-804

Mark & Chelsey Wedding-945Mark & Chelsey Wedding-924Mark & Chelsey Wedding-932Mark & Chelsey Wedding-874Mark & Chelsey Wedding-1015Mark & Chelsey Wedding-997

Mark & Chelsey Wedding-980Mark & Chelsey Wedding-959

Mark & Chelsey Wedding-966


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