The Unicorn of


The Waymore Booth

Waymore awesome open air booth design so all your friends can see how amazingly fun it is. Waymore epic photo quality powered by legit studio lighting. Waymore outrageous props to keep it 100. Waymore stoked booth attendant because just standing around is whack. Now your non dancing friends can get turnt!


The Whole Enchilada

Instantly print photos for your guests and one for your mirror at home. Texted photos so you can post that ish. A photo gallery so you can relive your booth shenanigans in all its glory later, crazy wild and fun props, I LOVE GOLD! sequin backdrop. The dopest booth attendant ever to keep the train on the rails.

$800 bucks


Hold the Sauce

Bring your own props. Texted photos for the whole fam. That same dank gold back drop. And of course the partiest booth attendant in the west!

$600 bucks

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