May 23, 2018

Chad and Dilia Engagement Photos Santa Barbara wedding photographer

This Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer had more fun then a human should be allowed to have with Chad and Dilia. I met them on the Santa Barbar Pier. They had their beach cruiser bikes and it was such a perfect playful addition and added a fun story to our time together. It was crazy windy out over the water but we worked with it and got some great photos After a bit we headed to the downtown Santa Barbara area to hide from the wind and hunt for some photo gold! We spent some time at Chad and Dilia’s favorite restaurant and the place they had their first date. SWOON! After the restaurant, we wondered but were never lost. Chad made Dilia laugh and smile so much that taking their photos was way too easy. I like not having an exact plan when photographing engagements. It adds a freedom to the session and allows me to not overthink things and be inspired by the locations and the couples in the moment. I always feel like we are freestyling a but more. Keeping things light and fun. a

I love being a Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer!

Chad and Dilia’s Croad Vineyard wedding is still one of my all-time favorites!

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Santa Barbara engagement photographer Santa Barbara pier engagement photo

Santa Barbara wedding photographers Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Santa Barbara wedding photographer

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